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Players Club FAQ

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2015 10:22AM PDT
What is Players Club?
 Players Club is where you can compete for prizes by playing on a designated Casino floor.  Every few days a new event is posted in the Players Club and your score will be determined by how many bux you earn from playing on that Casino floor during the event.  You can join together with your friends and other players by typing the same Players Club into the black box on the Players Club screen.

I want to participate in the Players Club but don't have the right floor.
 You can visit your friends' towers and play on their floors.  A friend with the current event floor will be highlighted in green on the friends list.

Why don't my totals show up right away?
Your score has to be sent to our server before it is reflected on the leaderboard.  Please allow 30 minutes for it to update.  If totals still fail to update, force close the game and check your internet connection.

Why isn't my Players Club name showing up on my friend's leaderboard?
New Players Club names have to be approved by a member of our team before they can display on the World leaderboard.  

What determines my Players Club rank?
Your score is equal to the bux won while playing on the current event floor during the event.  

What rewards can I earn by participating in the Players Club events?
To view the current event's reward, tap the gold "i" button in the bottom left corner of the Players Club screen.  Only the top 30 players from each club can win the rank based rewards.  All other participating club members will receive the participatory reward.  After the end of the event all participating players will receive an alert with their rank and prize.

Does my score count toward my Players Club's total if I'm not rank in the top 30?
No, only the scores of the top 30 players from each club will count toward their club's total.

Where can I find my special roof?
Special Roofs can be found by going to Menu> Upgrades> Roof and using the arrows to scroll through to the roof(s) listed as Players Club Bronze/Silver/Gold.
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