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Forfeiting & Deleting a Game

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2015 09:52PM PDT
Deleting/forfeiting a current game:
Your current games can be forfeited by swiping left on individual games and then tapping forfeit.  Forfeiting a game on round 1 or 2 will not affect either players stats.  A game forfeited in round 3 or greater will count as a loss for the forfeiting player.  

Clearing completed games:
You can delete your completed games from the list individually by swiping left on an individual game and tap delete or you can clear the entire list at once by tapping on the trash can icon at the right of the grey "Complete Games" bar.

Can I reset my stats?
No, your stats are tied to your Game Center or Facebook account cannot be reset even with a reinstall.  

My game was automatically forfeit, what happened?
After 7 consecutive days of inactivity, a match will be automatically forfeited by the player whose turn it was last.  If the game was forfeited in round 3 or greater it will count as a loss for the forfeiting player.
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