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Flight Crews - Missing Reward

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 09:58PM PDT

Rewards can take up to 24 hours after the event ends to be received by your device.   If the event has just ended please give it a little time for your device to receive your reward.  If you still have not received your reward 24 hours after the event has ended, there may be a connection issue with your Game Center account.  Go into your device's Game Center Settings and logout and back int your Game Center account.  Then try loading Pocket Planes again.  

If that does not work, please 
Contact Us and include the text located at the bottom of the Pocket Planes settings screen so that we can look into the issue further.  Requests received after 7 days of the event ending cannot be investigated.  

Some known issues that may prevent you from receiving your reward:
  • Poor connection to the internet or your Game Center account.  Ensure device has a good internet connection.  Go into your device's Game Center Settings and log out and back into your Game Center account.
  • Switching Flight Crews shortly before or after the event ends. 
  • Sharing a Game Center account (only one reward will be sent per Game Center Account).
  • Syncing between devices with iCloud before the reward is registered.  After receiving a reward, earn XP in the game to save your progress and reward before switching to another device. 
  • Pocket Planes needs to connect to your Game Center account before the event ends in order for event totals to be sent to the Flight Crew server and counted.  
  • There is a minimum number of deliveries per person required to receive a prize.  Though typically set to 50 jobs, the minimum to qualify for a prize in the current event can be found on the Flight Crew Prizes screen.  You can check your current number of counted deliveries on the main Flight Crew screen under "Jobs By You".
  • If you send a plane with jobs to the event city and then close the app and don't open it again (while logged into Game Center) until after the event ends, those jobs will not be counted towards your Flight Crew totals.  This will only cause you to miss the prize if you do not meet the minimum deliveries.

Also, please note that: The #1 team only wins the "Winner" prize. Teams 2-10 get the "Top 10" prize and teams 11-100 get the "Top 100" prize.  Crews cannot not qualify for multiple prizes.
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