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iCloud Syncing Help for Pocket Planes

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2017 12:58PM PST
With iOS 10.2.1 iCloud syncing has stopped working for Pocket Planes.  We do not have a solution at this time.

Pocket Planes uses iCloud to sync your game across devices but requires a good internet connection to work properly.   Make sure you have a good connection and have the latest version of Pocket Planes on all devices.

First, check the following:
-Logged into the same iCloud account on both devices
-Documents & Data turned on in iCloud Settings
-iCloud sync checkbox in the Pocket Planes Settings is checked on
-Good internet connection
If the copies of the game become out of sync you can do the following to sync them back up:
1. Force close the app from the device with the lower/older/blank game.  
2. Go into the Pocket Planes Settings on the device with the game you want to keep and uncheck iCloud "sync enabled" checkbox and then recheck it.  Alternatively, you can earn some XP on this game to trigger the app to save.
3. Close the app.
4. Reopen the app on your secondary device. If both devices are set up correctly with iCloud and you have internet connection on both they should begin syncing.

If the above does not work, you may need to delete the app from the device with the unsynced game, repeat 2 & 3 and then install the app back on the reset device.

Another way to kick start the sync is to logout and back into your iCloud account on the device that is not syncing.  From an iPhone/iPod/iPad, go into the Settings app on your device and into the iCloud settings.  Scroll to the bottom and tap the red "Sign Out" button which will sign you out of iCloud. Then sign back in using the same account.  This does not delete your iCloud account or content from the cloud, it just removes it from your current device and is restored when you log back in.  

Mac users, iCloud syncing for the Pocket Planes Mac version is no longer supported.

Note for iOS 6 users:
Syncing Pocket Planes from an iOS 6 device to a device running iOS 8 or newer is not working for many players.  Another option is to transfer the app via iTunes.  Please see Apple's detailed instructions for more info:
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