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Deliver 100 items Achievements Not Recognizing Properly

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2013 01:16PM PDT
Game Center can take a day or 2 to update the achievement progress.  If you are playing Pocket Planes online and logged into your Game Center account and have one or several of the "deliver 100 items" achievements stuck at random percentages, it is likely that the app is unable to report them to Game Center properly.  

To remedy this, Go into your device's Game Center Settings and log out and back into your Game Center account to reset the connection.  Then go back into Pocket Planes, make sure you see the Game Center welcome back banner and check your flight totals for the airport specified in the achievement.  To get this, go into in the airport info screen (button with a tower on it from the main airport view) and add up the listed passengers and shipments.  This is your current progress on the achievement.  If you already have over 100 jobs sent to the specified airport you will just need to land one more job while logged into Game Center for the achievement to register.  

If you don't have more than 100 jobs to the specified airport (sum of passengers and cargo listed in the airport info screen) then you will need to continue sending items.  The Game Center percentages can lag some but as long as you are logged into Game Center while playing they should update within a day or 2.  

If you have closed the airport and the achievement was not properly registered with Game Center, then that progress was lost and you will need to send an additional 100 flights for it to register.  In this case, your achievement percentage wont start updating until you deliver over the original listed percentage.
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