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Restore In-App Purchase

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2019 04:23PM PDT

iOS Users:
You can restore a previously purchased non-consumable in-app purchase free of charge while logged into the same iTunes account used for the original purchase, including:

  • Disco ZooPedia. From Disco Zoo Menu> Options> Advanced Options> Restore Purchase.
  • Tiny Tower and Tiny Tower Vegas VIP Package.  Go to Menu> Settings/Options> Restore Purchase.
  • Bit City Infinite Double Time.  From double time menu tap Restore Purchase from bottom right corner.
  • Pocket Frogs Babyproof Kit and Express Mailbox.  After you select Buy, confirm the purchase and enter your password the app will alert you that you've purchased this item before and it will be downloaded again for free.  

Android Users:
Non-consumable purchases should restore automatically as long as you are logged into the same Google Play account used for the original purchase.  

Android/iOS Users:
Consumable purchases cannot be restored automatically, these items include:
    •    Lego Tower Bux, Lost & Found, and Tower Club Days 
    •    Pocket Frogs Potions and Stamps
    •    Tiny Tower Bux
    •    Tiny Tower Vegas Bux and Chips
    •    Pocket Planes Bux
    •    Nimble Quest Gems and Tokens
    •    Pocket Trains Bux, Crates and Special Crates
    •    DiscoBux and Coins
    •    Bit City Bux
    •    Words Royale Jokers and Coins

For assistance restoring a non-consumable or consumable in-app purchase please email us for further assistance.
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