Legendary Lounge & Legendary Bitizens

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Legendary LoungeA permanent floor in every tower where Legendary Bitizens reside

  • Legendary Lounge appears on floor 2 once the tutorial is complete or on existing towers after upgrading to Tiny Tower version 4.13+
  • Legendary Lounge remains empty until Legendary Bitizens are unlocked
  • Tapping on the Legendary Lounge opens the Legendary Bitizen menu
  • Legendary Lounge cannot be turned off or deleted from your tower
  • Legendary Lounge can be moved using the "Move" button at the bottom of the Legendary Bitizen menu

Legendary Bitizens: Iconic Bitizens that hang out in your tower and bring bonuses when leveled up

  • Legendary Bitizens are sorted into collections
  • Each Legendary Bitizen collection has a different permanent bonus you can earn for your tower. Tap the [i] button on the Legendary Bitizen menu within in each collection to see the bonus details for that collection. 
  • Collection Level is based on the lowest Legendary Bitizen's level in that collection
  • Legendary Bitizens cannot be gifted or lost and do not reset when rebuilding
  • Legendary Bitizens are unlocked through Legendary Cards

Legendary CardsCollected to unlock & upgrade Legendary Bitizens

  • The first Legendary Card collected unlocks the associated Legendary Bitizen at level 1
  • Collect duplicate Legendary Cards of a Legendary Bitizen to progress it toward an upgrade
  • Once enough Legendary Cards are collected for the next level, the Legendary Bitizen level icon will change from green to red, and the Upgrade button will change from gray to green
  • Upgrade the Legendary Bitizen level with bux & tech points
  • Once upgraded, the level icon will change from red to green (Max level is 5 and icon is gold)
  • If a chest awards a Legendary Card for a Legendary Bitizen that is already at level 5, you will automatically be awarded 500 Regular Legendary Tokens instead

Legendary Bitizen Level
Legendary Cards needed to upgrade to the next level

Behavior Levels of Legendary Bitizens:

• Level 1 Legendary Bitizens appear in the Legendary Lounge only (up to 4 appear at a time)

• Level 2 Legendary Bitizens unlock the Legendary Bitizen's unique animation. Tapping a Legendary Bitizens in your tower or in friends' towers will initiate their unique animation. 

• Level 3 Legendary Bitizens can also appear on residential floors plus allow you to claim a Regular Token daily

• Level 4 Legendary Bitizens can also appear on commercial floors plus allow you to claim a Super Token daily (in additon to a Regular Token)

• Level 5 Legendary Bitizens can also claim an Ultra Token daily (in addition to a Regular and Super Token)

Legendary Tokens: Collect tokens to craft Legendary Cards 

  • 3 Types of Legendary Tokens:

    • Regular Tokens: used to craft random Legendary Bitizen cards

    • Super Tokens: used to craft random Legendary Bitizen cards from the selected collection 

    • Ultra Tokens: used to craft a specific Legendary Bitizen card


    • Found in the Legendary Bitizen menu by tapping the basket icon

    • Use Legendary Tokens that have been collected

    Legendary Tokens can be collected daily (reset at midnight) by tapping the Ultra Token icon in the Legendary Bitizen menu

    • Number of tokens needed to craft Legendary Cards increases each time you craft, up to a cap (500 regular tokens, 200 super tokens, 100 ultra tokens). 

Legendary Bitizen Chests

  • Found in the Buy More menu or by pressing the chest icon in the Legendary Bitizen menu
  • Tiers I-IV can be opened with Legendary Tickets anytime. Legendary Tickets can be gained during various in-game events as well as in the Shop
  • Free and Ad Chests can be collected every 8 hours
  • Tap on the [i] button next to each chest to see the types of rewards and their Drop Chance

Legendary Lounge and Legendary Bitizens requires updating to Tiny Tower version 4.13 or newer

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